Creative Audio Production a new media and podcast networking company specializing in podcasting, digital, social, live events, and producing on-demand entertainment.

We help everyday individuals and organizations big and small seize the upside of the disruption in the audio marketplace. We generate new insights by bringing together business, the public sector and accomplished professionals to challenge entrenched thinking, shift perceptions and help catalyze change.

Pro Audio Production

We make it easy to sound professional. Our straightforward website and pricing, along with the experience of our audio technicians and voice-talent, sets us above the rest and is one of the primary reasons for our sky-high customer satisfaction rate.

Podcast Communities and Events

Cultivating sacred podcasting communities that embrace, inspire and matter to all podcasters. Websites and Events provide the latest industry information, trusted resources, networking, and a central hub for all to connect.

Deverse On-Demand Audio

Developing a influential podcast network of shows, focused on producing the best and most popular podcasts across many genres, from news, comedy, culture, and entertainment. We produce unique shows including content creation and brand integration.

Podcasting Industry Booming

Research confirms Podcasting remains a high-growth media industry. Podcast listening audiences within the US adult population continues to grow. The 2017 Infinite Dial Report confirmed that 67 million Americans, or 24%, listened to a podcast in the past month. Americans are also listening to more podcasts per week, and listen to them in a variety of locations and when doing other activities.

Smartphones and Mp3 players are already numerous and will only proliferate further, making on-demand streaming increasingly accessible from any point on the globe. This Pandora’s box of new possibilities also presents new challenges. Unlimited reach means unlimited competition. The next generation of audio giants will be those who acknowledge this truth, step forward and ride the wave of change.

Podcasting; its quality content and loyal audiences attract big money

The money that sponsors are now spending on podcast ad campaigns had ballooned at a rapid rate. The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that the podcast industry’s advertising revenue in 2016 was $119 million. Its estimates for 2017 totaled $220 million – an 85% increase year-over-year. 2018 should see a similar jump in revenue, and another study we examined at a few weeks ago estimated that total industry revenue could be over $500 million by 2020.

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Podcast Production Pros make it simple to sound professional

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