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We deliver a full spectrum of audio branding elements and professional voice over services.

TV and Radio will never be the same

Changes to technology mean the limitations on terrestrial TV and radio stations are gone. High-speed internet and portable devices can carry a single broadcast anywhere in the world and play it again and again. But this Pandora’s box of new possibilities also presents new challenges. Unlimited reach means unlimited competition, a new concept for broadcasters used to local and regional markets. In an era of cluttered, disposable media, how can broadcasting stay viable? There is an answer. Branding. A strong brand identity has never been more important. The next generation of broadcasting or 'podcasting' giants will be those who acknowledge this truth, step forward and ride the wave of change.

Creative Audio Production delivers a full spectrum of audio branding elements, professional voice over services, on-site audio recording capabilities, and even new podcasting channels. We can take it from concept to copywriting, all the way to the full production of your media signature. Creative isn’t just part of our name, it’s our mission..

Our history

the crew

I’ve assembled a team of REAL audio pros that have been creating audio masterpieces for decades. We understand the right way to add, remove, and interject sound into your project so that it has a clear professional edge. Pros make a big difference elevating your brand, allowing you to cut through the clutter.

Our straightforward pricing sets us above the rest and is one of the primary reasons for our sky-high customer satisfaction rate. In an industry that suffers from a lack of faith, we provide honest services at fair prices–with no hidden costs. When surcharges due apply, you’ll find them clearly indicated. We know you need things to be easy and simple. That is what we strive to offer you simple and easy solutions that can make your project sound better instantly.

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