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Audio Production. Fully produced audio branding and radio imaging.
Creative Audio Production will make your audio snap, crackle, and pop.

Razor sharp production. We provide fully produced audio imaging and commercial services to broadcasters, podcasters, internet stations, animated video creators, and many others all around the world. We can work with your current voice or utilize our in-house voice talent for a price you can live with.

People don’t want commercials, they want advertising that works. Our job is to find the ‘big idea’ and make it sound outstanding. How do we do that? Using tried and trusted advertising practices, some really cool influence techniques and a dozen cans of Red Bull; we’ll take the listener’s mind kicking and screaming in the direction you want it to go.

We will fully produce your branding message making it polished and professional. Our service includes, help with script writing, recording the voice-over, and complete audio production. Prices vary by project size. Our produced audio products are the best in the business –but are available for a price well below market.

Voice Over Services
Powerful signature voice talent.

Creative Audio Production gives you access to powerful signature voices. All different kinds, and if we don’t already have the voice you are looking for, we’ll find it. We do everything when it comes to voicing it professionally. Ask how our voices can record your commercials, on-hold messages, corporate tutorials, audiobooks, DJ drops, and whatever else you may need.

Podcasting Production and Branding Services

Sound better instantly and reach a bigger audience. Your podcast is important to you and deserves the most exceptional listening experience. Stop wasting a lot of time; let us give you that much-needed pro component in your podcast! We help the podcaster looking to achieve instant credibility with listeners. Elevating your sound by adding pre-made podcast intro, outro, and bumpers, removing unwanted mistakes, checking all levels and EQ, and making sure the compression is consistent.

Our experienced team of professionals is ready to add a wow-factor to your sound. Spend more time on the fun part of podcasting, and less on all the production! We have services and monthly packages for all podcasters looking for a team they can count on to handle all the heavy lifting and keep things sounding fresh. When you need audio professionals committed to offering premium editing and custom voice-over services on a regular basis, we’ve got your back.


million are listening to a podcast

Podcasting Industry is Booming

Podcasting remains a high-growth media industry. Podcast listening audiences within the US adult population continues to grow. Companies' marketing departments are seeing the growth in podcasting, its quality content and loyal audiences, and are shifting their budgets to ensure that podcasts comprise a significant portion of any ad campaign.

The money that sponsors are now spending on podcast ad campaigns had ballooned at a rapid rate. The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that the podcast industry's advertising revenue in 2016 was $119 million. Its estimates for 2017 totaled $220 million - an 85% increase year-over-year. 2018 should see a similar jump in revenue, and another study we examined at a few weeks ago estimated that total industry revenue could be over $500 million by 2020.

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